May 17, 2024 :trophy: IPSN’24 paper Beyond-Voice, received Best Poster Award for the accompanying poster presentation at IPSN’24. Congrats to the leading PhD student Yin Li (Advised by Rajalakshmi) and co-authors.
Apr 27, 2024 :trophy: :smile: Proud Advisor Moment: Two Cornell IS PhD students: Ruidong Zhang and Ke Li from SciFi Lab won the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2024. This will support their research in developing AI-powered wearables to assist individuals with speech impairments, enhancing their communication experience during daily activities.
Apr 10, 2024 :tada: GazeTrak(MobiCom’24) and EyeEcho(CHI’24) were reported by media outlets such as New Scientist, Forbes, Cornell Chronicle, Hackster, New Atlas, Tech Xplore, Inceptive Mind
Apr 02, 2024 :tada: EchoWrist(CHI’24) was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Hackster, Tech Explore, Tech Times
Feb 01, 2024 :smile: Thanks to Kristof and Kai for leading ISWC in the past few years. Honored to (co-)chair the ISWC Steering Committee with Bo Zhou for the coming years. Pls ping me if you have any idea on ISWC :raised_hands:
Nov 22, 2023 :tada: PoseSonic IMWUT’23 was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Engadget, Hackster, Tech Explorist.
Oct 17, 2023 :trophy: HPSpeech received ISWC’23 Best Paper Honorable Mention award (also the highest review score among all submissions).
Oct 17, 2023 :trophy: Received Ubicomp 10-year Impact Award at Ubicomp/ISWC’23.
Aug 15, 2023 :smile: Glad to serve as Program Committee(PC) (Co-)Chair with Jorge Goncalves and Sarah Clinch for Ubicomp’24 in Australia.
Apr 15, 2023 :tada: EchoSpeech CHI’23 was covered by Fast Company, Engadget, PopularScience, Cornell Chronicle, NeuroScience News, Hackster, NewsAtlas, TechXplore,Interesting Engineering.
Feb 01, 2023 :trophy: Honored to receive NSF CAREER Award to continue developing AI-powered wearables to understand human behavios in the wild :smile:.
Jan 01, 2023 :smile: Honored to serve as Technical Program Committee(TPC) (Co-)Chair with Bo and Bashmia for ISWC’23 in Cancun.
Nov 02, 2022 :tada: BodyTrak IMWUT’22 was covered by global media outlets, including CNET, Hackster, News Atlas, Interesting Engineering,Cornell Chronicle.
Jul 02, 2022 :tada: EarIO IMWUT’22 was covered by global media outlets, including Engadget, Hackster, News Atlas, Cornell Chronicle.
Jul 02, 2022 :tada: SpeeChin IMWUT’21 was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Gizmodo, Hackster, News Atlas, TechXplore.