Cheng Zhang (张铖)| SciFi Lab| Cornell



Gates Hall

Ithaca , NY 14853

Cheng Zhang is an Assistant Professor in Information Science and Computer Science (Field Member) at Cornell University, where he directs the Smart Computer Interfaces for Future Interaction (SciFi) Lab. He received his Ph.D. in computer science at Ubicomp Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was advised by Dr. Gregory Abowd (CS) and Dr.Omer Inan(ECE).

His current research interest lies in developing AI-powered sensing solutions for wearables to interpret human behavior in everyday activities. This involves: (1) Creating low-power, minimally intrusive, and privacy-conscious wearable sensing solutions to collect high-quality human behavior data in the wild. (2). Designing customized AI algorithms to understand human behaviors in real-world settings. (3). Developing downstream applications to support users when needed, in high-impact areas such as accessibility and health.

His work was recognized by multiple awards, including NSF CAREER Award, Ubicomp 10-year Impact Award and several best paper awards.


Apr 10, 2024 :tada: GazeTrak and EyeEcho were report globally, E.g., New Scientist, Forbes, Cornell Chronicle, Hackster, New Atlas, Tech Xplore, Inceptive Mind
Apr 02, 2024 :tada: EchoWrist was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Hackster, Tech Explore, Tech Times
Feb 01, 2024 :smile: Thanks to Kristof and Kai for leading ISWC in the past few years. Honored to (co-)chair the ISWC Steering Committee with Bo Zhou for the coming years. Pls ping me if you have any idea on ISWC :raised_hands:
Nov 22, 2023 :tada: PoseSonic was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Engadget, Hackster, Tech Explorist.
Oct 17, 2023 :trophy: HPSpeech received ISWC’23 Best Paper Honorable Mention award (also the highest review score among all submissions).
Oct 17, 2023 :trophy: Received Ubicomp 10-year Impact Award at Ubicomp/ISWC’23.
Aug 15, 2023 :smile: Glad to serve as Program Committee(PC) Chair for Ubicomp’24 in Australia.
Apr 15, 2023 :tada: EchoSpeech was covered by Fast Company, Engadget, PopularScience, Cornell Chronicle, NeuroScience News, Hackster, NewsAtlas, TechXplore,Interesting Engineering.
Feb 01, 2023 :trophy: Honored to receive NSF CAREER Award to continue developing AI-powered wearables to understand human behavios in the wild :smile:.
Jan 01, 2023 :smile: Honored to serve as Technical Program Committee(TPC) (Co-)Chair with Bo and Bashmia for ISWC’23 in Cancun.
Nov 02, 2022 :tada: BodyTrak was covered by global media outlets, including CNET, Hackster, News Atlas, Interesting Engineering,Cornell Chronicle.
Jul 02, 2022 :tada: EarIO was covered by global media outlets, including Engadget, Hackster, News Atlas, Cornell Chronicle.
Jul 02, 2022 :tada: SpeeChin was covered by Cornell Chronicle, Gizmodo, Hackster, News Atlas, TechXplore.